Origins of Peace, LLC is a full-service Conflict Resolution Boutique ​focused on helping our clients close the gap between conflict and peace in their personal and professional lives. Through writing and speaking we equip those we serve with tools and resources to evaluate their capability of adding more peaceful moments into their daily routine to embrace self-care and mitigate risks that negatively impact their overall health and wellbeing.

Our Leadership Training Course entitled CALM embraces the practices of Change Management and Crisis Management and it empowers attendees to lead with kindness while being impactful. CALM is an acronym which stands for Communication, Accountability, Learning and Mentoring.

Additionally, we aid our clients in regaining their confidence through healthy prioritization.

Our products and services empower our clients to take the necessary steps to reduce personal and professional conflict by taking intentional action.

We serve individuals and organizations through training and development, individual and group coaching, and content creation.

  • We serve professional women who are ready to take action to eliminate challenges in their work, relationships, and health that are keeping them stuck and feeling un-fulfilled.

  •  We provide training and development to corporate groups to promote employee engagement, increase productivity and foster a positive work environment.

  • We help new leaders, small businesses and community organizations acquire the necessary skills for effective communication, effective teambuilding, and collaborative work methods in a hybrid environment.

At Origins of Peace, we take a NOW approach to achieving goals.

Notice It*           Own It*         Work Through It!

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