Origins of Peace, LLC is a full-service Conflict Resolution Boutique. We help our clients close the gap between conflict and peace.

We serve individual and business clients through coaching and consulting.

Our individual coaching programs focus on personal and professional development, self-care and confidence, with a mission to help our clients achieve self-efficacy.

We have three coaching paths for you to choose from. Click here to learn more.


We provide the following services in the renewable resources space:

  • Contract Administration

  • Vendor Management

  • Change Management

  • Project Management

  • Communications

We would love to partner with you and your team to develop valuable resources that support environmental justice and renewable resource management.

Contact us today for a copy of our Capability Statement.

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Our Business Consulting Services consist of workshops geared toward professional training and development, as well as contracted services for small businesses, corporations and organizations.

Our professional development workshops serve three distinct and specific goals:

  1. To help our clients create and sustain a culture of positive communication, inspiring accountability, intentional learning and supportive mentoring (CALM) for their team members

  2. To increase employee engagement while reducing the number of employees who are quietly quitting

  3. To provide a safe, creative and productive workspace for individuals and teams to learn, work and collaborate


Origins of Peace, LLC is a for-profit business that works with individuals, corporations and organizations.

Through our non-profit organization, Heal Recover Grow Inc., we further our mission to close the gap between conflict and peace by assisting women who have experienced breast cancer, chronic job loss and/or divorce to re-engage in society as skillful, confident and empowered citizens.

Through HRG Inc, we offer self-improvement classes, skills development training and mentoring relationships.







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