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Success 3

Part 3

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day holiday and took time to honor our troops! Here is the final installment of my speech.

Much Love,

Mrs. Misenheimer


  1. Become Success

To all of our graduates, becoming successful is first allowing God’s word to rule and abide in you. Set your mind on pleasing Him and he will add everything else. Walk in the freedom of His love and the beauty of His Grace. Remember that God cannot lie, so what he declared in the beginning has already been established and it will be manifested.

Secondly, whether your future holds college or work, show up on time and be ready to give your best. Remember that to the human eye, reception is perception; the energy that you give off to others is the same energy that will be used to welcome you in to different academic, social and professional circles.

 Be true to who God made you to be and you will become success.

 And Finally, after years of operating outside of God’s will for me, I finally began to see myself as he does, … “The Me I See is the Me that I Will Be”  and those words hold true for you also. Remember as you travel your road to success, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Lord has called you by His name and you are the apple of His eye.

Thank you.

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  1. Great speech. I am so sorry that I had committed to something else that morning and had to miss it. I thank God for you everyday. You are such a blessing to everyone.

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