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About My Father’s Business

Philemon 1:6 I (NIV) I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother have refreshed the hearts of the saints.

(History) The Book of Philemon is a personal letter from Paul to Philemon regarding Onesimus. Onesimus was Philemon’s runaway slave, whom had stolen from him. While on the run Onesimus meet Paul and was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Needless to say, Onesimus was a changed man from that day forward. Paul  took care of him and helped to nurture his belief and trust in Christ.

(Plot) At a certain point in time, Paul sent Onesimus back to Philemon. He sent him back as a repentant believer. Paul sent him back to the very one that he had wronged, in hopes that Philemon would accept Onesiums as the man that he was now, instead of what he used to be.

(Opportunity) Today’s scripture is a personal plea from Paul to Philemon. Paul trusted and believed in Philemon as a man of God. He wanted Philemon to apply his faith to this messed up situation. It would have been so easy for Philemon to simply write Onesiums off as a useless slave and thief, but Paul knew that if Philemon could forgive Onesiums for his faithless deeds and show compassion towards him, it would be a breath of fresh air, not only for each of them, but for all those working faith.

(Our Responsiblity) As believers in the gospel of Christ, we have a duty to share our faith with others and also apply it full in our lives. Not only will this be encouragement for all who are watching but, it will serve as an internal system of checks and balances for ourselves.

(Prayer) Dear Father, help us to walk in love with all believers and non-believers today. Help us to offer encouragement where it is needed and share our testimony of faith. Lord, not only do we want to lead by example, we also want to bear witness to the small steps of progression that we make in Christ today. We love you and thank you for your Word. In Jesus Name. Amen

Make Him Great In This Place,

Mrs. Misenheimer

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