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What is SUGA?

SUGA pronounced (sugar without the r) is a mindset. Suga has become the way that I govern my life and everything that I tackle. Every speech, short story, narrative, newsletter, program, flyer or original poem that I create is empowered by SUGA!

Years ago when I submitted to God’s calling in my life, he began coaching me by saying; “I am able!” I would say Lord, but I don’t have any money and he would say; “I am able!” I would say Lord; but I am a single mother and I’ve made some bad choices and he would say; “I am able!” For every excuse that I made for not finishing college or not accepting an opportunity or not completing a task he would say; “I am able!’ One day I replied back by saying, “Simply Understand God is Able?” And He said “exactly!”

From that moment forward, I made a personal decision to put a little SUGA in my life. Messed up finances…put a little SUGA on it! Bad Choices..put a little SUGA on it! Temptation and sin…put a little SUGA on it! If you make a decision to put a little SUGA in your life…it will go a long way!

SUGA is “Simply Understand God is Able!” Whatever obstacles you may face or any issue that may try to hinder the word of God in your life, simply understand God is able to fix it!

SUGA reminds me that I once was the women at the well, listening to the Lord tell me about myself and my misdeeds (John 4). SUGA reminds me that I once was that women caught in sin with nowhere left to turn but to Him (John 8) and SUGA reminds me that just like the lame man by the pool (John 5) I once was weak and felt that I had no way of getting help!

After SUGA, I once was blind but now I see! If you hold on to HIS promises just as I have, He will get you through it! He turned my single status to married, my dropout status to degreed and my messed up finances to doing just fine! Thank you Lord!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to put a little SUGA on it!

Much Love,

Mrs. Misenheimer

5 thoughts on “What is SUGA?

  1. Thank you so much for delivering the word, I love it and I receive it. GOD BLESS YOU MY SISTER, LOVE YOU MUCH!!!

    1. Thank you! More from SUGA coming soon!

  2. Melissa, Melissa, Melissa, what a word of praise and inspiration. I am posting this at my desk so when the weight of the world trys to get me down that I will remember to put a little SUGA in it…….

    Thank you so much, what a wonderful word to start my Friday off…

    Be Blessed

  3. This is the right message just for me,and I received it with open arms and heart because I am convienced that he’s ABLE!

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