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In My Daughter’s Eyes

Inspired by: My daughter Kyla

In My Daughter’s Eyes

In my daughter’s eyes there are goals to achieve

There’s a future to create and a legacy to leave

In my daughter’s eyes her life is like a song

and she’s swaying to the beat of a song she made her own

In my daughter’s eyes the finish line is close

she excels at what she does and she achieves more than most

In my daughter’s eyes education is the way

that she will finance her dreams and see a brighter day

In my daughter’s eyes I empower her to be

A woman full of confidence, grace and mercy

In my daughter’s eyes love makes her feel safe

I raised her with my love and I poured out my faith

Into a little girl so sweet, My Heavenly Father allowed me to meet

Thank you God that I see love in my daughter’s eyes!

© 2011 all rights reserved, Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer

1 thought on “In My Daughter’s Eyes

  1. What a sweet, beautiful poem. How lucky we are to have children,

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