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A Moment Called Suddenly

Wow, so hard to believe it’s already been a year! Sunday, September 18,2011….Thank you Lord!  Enjoy your weekend!
Inspired by: Ruth 4:14 The woman said to Naomi: Praise be to the Lord, who this day has not left you without a kinsman-redeemer.

A Moment Called Suddenly

In a moment called suddenly, God’s vision was revealed

A request that I made known to Him, according to His will

I prayed for Divine Release, of a love that would never cease

I prayed to be covered and protected, no longer having my love rejected

I prayed for favor and honor, realizing that I could no longer

Be subjected to a lesser love, than God’s best sent from above

He answered me so clear; the love I longed for came near

So gentle was his hand, Lord…. could this be the man?

Standing right before my eyes and much to my surprise

Your vision did reveal, the love I longed for was real!

With the moon so bright on that perfect night

He dropped to one knee and proposed to me

His emotions were raw; the grace of God is what I saw

It sounded like a testimony, there’s no way this could be phony

His ministry was redemption, God sent Him on this mission

Dearly beloved, do you thee wed; ring on my finger and veil on my head

The crowd was gathered and waiting in awe; a covenant exchange is what they saw

Atonement was the theme of that blessed day; my kinsman-redeemer took the curse away!

2011 copyright, Melissa Rivers-Misenheimer

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