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“The Eyes of the Lord”

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The Eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

In my weakness, you make me strong

You dismiss my doubts with confidence

When I feel lost, you remind me of who you created me to be.

Dear Lord, I thank you for your goodness. You are a merciful God. I am constantly amazed at your power but for everything that you’ve done in my life, I know that you are willing, ready and able to do more.  Father God, my heart is committed to serving you. Strengthen me Lord as only you can. Help me to be mindful that every breath that I breathe is for your Glory. I thank you for being ever-present in my life and seeing me as only you can. I thank you for never leaving me and I praise your holy name because you are an awesome God. Father there are many hurting souls in this world. Please show me how to be a living testimony for those in need. Show me how to walk as a blameless example of your goodness. Show me how to communicate with a pure heart and a right mind. Father help me to see that none of this is about me but all praises and honor belong to you! You are a great God! In Jesus Name….~Amen~

I love you so much,


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