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Another Chance

Another Chance

Inspired by: Genesis 4:25 NKJV…”For God has appointed another seed for me…”

 Like a stream of rushing water you’ve been running from your past…

You consider yourself weak and un-equipped for the task…

You believe your life is over and you’ve thrown in the towel

You have folded your arms and given up for now

You say its way too hard and really not worth the pain

You’ve been walking around in circles and your living has been in vain

Most days your mood is sad… lonely… or depressed

You think that no one sees you and they couldn’t care less

Your night seems very long and you’re searching for your joy…

To recapture your serenity and fret no more…


But early one morning as the new dawn breaks

The dew settles slowly and HIS manna fills your space

The barren ground where you once stood…

Reveals specks of green growth so the soil here is good…


God has appointed another seed just for you

Another hope, another opportunity, another chance to start brand new

For he sees you and considers all the pain that you feel

He heard your cry, he longs for your laugh and he weeps because your issue is real

The issue is sin and it keeps us bound

It cancels out faith and welcomes fear to hang around…

It steals our confidence and keeps us trapped

It muffles our testimony and holds us in lack

It spoils our relations and curses our generations

It keeps us divided and un-united as nations…


But God has appointed another seed just for you….

Consider this verse and help spread the good news too…

It’s not too late to start fresh and to realize

Your worth is grand and you are valuable in His eyes

Long before your birth God knew you and called you his own…

He formed you and created you with purpose to be made known…


Don’t give up on yourself and let his WORD guide your path…

Your struggle was not in vain and soon again you shall laugh….

For God has appointed another seed….just for you

I can’t wait to see you smile again and witness your testimony too!



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