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Thank you Lord, for coming to see about me! I feel much better now!

Matthew 21:5 Say to the Daughter of Zion, see your king comes to you.

I called your name and you came to see

The burdens and strife that perplexed me

My heart was hardened and filled with callous

I felt so uneasy and full of malice

I felt attacked, abused and I wanted my revenge

I could not rest …my name I had to avenge

But just as I tried to fix matters on my own

You spoke to my spirit and my flesh started to moan

You said I am the maker and I am the way

Vengeance is mine and I will have my day

No weapon formed against you shall be able to prosper

Praise through the pain and remember my Gospel    

You were bought for a price and you are my chosen child

You may suffer for a bit but it gets better after while

Your weeping may last for only one night

But your joy is coming and it will be alright

With each step that you take Grace and Mercy follow you

Don’t stoop to their level…that’s what they want you to do

You are my chosen priesthood and a peculiar people

Often they get jealous because they are not equal

Mount up Daughter of Zion and do not lose your faith

Remember the Glory that shines on your face

I am your judge and their thoughts do not matter

Remain in my presence and do not scatter

I will present you as faultless and as my very own

The love that I give you is the love that should be shone

I am always with you and I will never leave your side

Learn from past events and do not fall victim to pride

~Amen…it’s been a rough week! Thank you Lord for your gentle reminders~

~Still Praising, Still Learning and Still Growing~




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