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160 lbs gone!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous first week of the new year! I’m coming to you with a special Wednesday dose of SUGA.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to my latest podcast episode, you honestly don’t want to miss it. I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Coretta to find out how she transformed her health and achieved an amazing 160lb weight loss.

Her story will inspire you to re-evaluate your health and make a resolution to get well!

Check out her before and after pictures below and click here to listen to her story.


Peace and Wellness!


2 thoughts on “160 lbs gone!

  1. Coretta, thanks so much for being open and honest and sharing your story. You have truly inspired me to do what you said of getting off the sofa and out of the bed and walking. I realize some change is better than none. I am inspired to live on purpose in 2016. Again thanks and God Bless.

  2. Thank you for your comment Pam. Coretta’s story is very inspiring and a great motivator. Thank you for taking time to read the post and providing such a heart-felt response.
    I appreciate your support of SUGA Wellness Boutique!

    Peace and Wellness

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