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Tip #6 Set Your Heart Toward Peace

Good Morning Peace Seekers! Day 6 of our #loveme2peace campaign and I am so excited about the wonderful feedback that I’ve been receiving. Thank you all for reading the posts, being engaged and sharing the content with your family and friends. By the time we finish this campaign you will have a huge PEACEBOOK to refer to for proven strategies and techniques on attracting more peace into your life.

Today I want to focus on the following scripture: 1 Kings 8:18 “However, the Lord said to my father David, since you had your heart set on building a temple for my name, your intentions were good.”

Today’s tip: “Set your heart toward Peace.” In order to create peace your intentions have to be peaceful. In other words, your thoughts, deeds and actions have to be founded on things that are good and pleasing in God’s eyes. You can’t intentionally do wrong to others or have malicious thoughts and expect your life to be blessed. Life doesn’t work that way. Start each day of the week with positive affirmations and prayer and then make it a priority to seek peace in every encounter that you have.

Day 6 My Heart is set on Peace

Find Peace and Be Well.

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