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Tip #9 Stop Procrastinating

Happy Tuesday Peace Makers! I hope all is going well for you and I pray that Peace is high on your list of priorities. It’s day 9 of our #loveme2Peace Campaign.With that being said, I’m going to jump right in to today’s tip which is:

Stop Procrastinating

Yes, I’m guilty of it too. I am a serial procrastinator. For some reason I’ve lead myself to believe that I work better under pressure. Truth be told, pressure equals stress and disruption. We all know that Peace and Disruption cannot co-exist.

If at all possible don’t wait until the last minute to do what you know you have to get done. Do yourself a favor and allow time so that you can properly complete your task. I find that when I start early and plan things out, I have a much better chance of producing a quality product.

Find Peace and Be Well!


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