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Day#13 Lend A Helping Hand

Good Morning Peace Makers! Welcome to day 13 of our #loveme2peace Campaign. I hope that you guys are having a fabulous weekend. This is our special “Daylight Savings” post which means…I’m running a little behind schedule this morning! My day was packed with things to do yesterday, I stayed up way too late and as a result you’re receiving this post later than normal. Yesterday I enjoyed some good, quality time with both of my brothers. As I’ve mentioned before I’m in the midst of this big spring cleaning movement and my brother’s showed up to help me out. It felt great! Although I am the middle child, I often feel as if I’m the oldest. I’m always taking care of something, supporting someone or being asked to do whatever. I don’t mind, God built me to be a support and foundation, I know that it’s part of my purpose but I have to tell you, it feels good to receive help and support. Both of my brothers played a huge part in helping to create some peace memories for me yesterday.

Today’s tip: “Lend A Helping Hand.”

Right now, there is someone in need of your help. Someone within your immediate circle has a need that only you can help fulfill. I often tell my clients that it’s essential for each one of us to do the work that God has purposed for us. There’s someone out there who is connected to you and they cannot complete their work until you complete yours. It’s all about fellowship, collaboration and love.

This week, make it your business to find out how you can be a blessing to others by lending a helping hand. Lending a hand is equivalent to inviting someone else to share in on your peace journey.

Find Peace and Be Well

Lend A Helping Hand day 13

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