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Be Informed

Positioned For Peace

  1. Be Informed

“focused, intentional effort to increase ones’ knowledge about conflict and how to handle it.”

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One of the most valuable traits of a Peacemaker is their desire to be informed. Through research, study, training and personal experience, the heart of a peacemaker longs to help transform conflicts and bring relief to hurting people and communities.

Two ways in which Peacemakers positon themselves for peace include:

  1. Preparing themselves by acquiring knowledge about conflicts, such as social injustice through community involvement.
  2. Declaring a specific area of expertise and working extensively in that field.

The value of being Informed:

Being informed about issues builds trust and¬†influences others to support ¬†your cause. ~People don’t at first follow worthy causes. They follow worthy leaders who promote causes they can believe in.

If you’re looking to create change and become a Peacemaker…be informed.

Peace In Action,


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