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And So It Begins…

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that your holiday season was filled with love, light and peace! I appreciate you hanging out here with me on the blog in 2016 and I am hopeful that 2017 will bring awesomeness for everyone!

My focus for 2017 is to have a more Interactive blog. I would love to receive your thoughts, comments and questions on the content that is posted each week. For that reason you will see more of a variety going forward. The topics will still focus on peace building and conflict resolution but instead of taking the informational approach, I would love to hear your thoughts on various issues that are important in community.

There’s no better time than now to be involved in problem solving and peace building in our own communities. Our family, friends and even ourselves are going through so many different issues that collaboration is necessary if we expect to overcome.

Each week you can expect motivational quotes, a focal word of Peace and a blog post from me. Hopefully in return I will receive your thoughts and comments on the topics.

Who knows…we may even come up with the perfect solution to someone’s pressing issue.

Okay, so this week’s Peace Word is: Integrity. How do you feel about it? Do you think it’s been lost in today’s society? Do people still value integrity?

I personally feel that a person without integrity is out here lost. Without morals, standards and principles we’re being solely guided by feelings and we all know that feelings are full of unexpected surprises!


Peace In Action,



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