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“No Love” on Valentine’s Day


Do yourself a favor and show “No Love” to feelings of loneliness and depression this Valentine’s Day. So what if you’re not in a relationship or you’re unable to spend time with your significant other. Today is the perfect day to show love to yourself and do things that you enjoy doing. Better yet, take time to do something nice for someone else.

Maybe you won’t be able to have a romantic meal with your sweetie, but you can surprise a friend, family member or someone else by paying for their lunch.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect day to take off work and enjoy some “me” time. There’s no better time than the present. Take a mental health day and enjoy it!

Personally, I love to listen to old songs on my record player and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

The options are limitless as to what you can do today. Whatever you do, do it well and enjoy the experience!

Peace In Action,


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