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Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelm is a feeling of heavy burden, defeat, hopelessness and entrapment.

People live their lives each day feeling overwhelmed by stress and fatigue from various situations.

Sometimes overwhelm will come as a direct result of our choices, or lack thereof.

When our decisions lead to poor time management or when we’re being indecisive we are in a sense inviting overwhelm to move into our lives and take up residency.

People deal with overwhelm in a variety of ways; some are able to manage their feelings, others seek help from someone they trust, but many allow their feelings to become deep-rooted.

One way to deal with feeling overwhelmed is to organize your choices and responsibilities. Decide what’s most important to you and create a list with those most vital things being at the top. Vision Boards are a great way to illustrate your goals. If you’re crunched for time, you can create a virtual vision board by finding pictures on the Internet, take a few screenshots and then create a collage of things that you want to accomplish.

Prayer for Peace: I pray that you walk in peace and organization today. I pray that simplicity and vitality rule your life today. I pray that all feelings of overwhelm are released and diminished. May your to-do list be short and may you find ways to collaborate with others.



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