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The Seasons of Life


Because life requires a lot from us, we have to maintain a fresh face and a deep desire to fight our way through our storms.


1. You’re more than able to handle what you’re going through.

2. There’s no defeat in life, there’s only course corrections, readjustments and new beginnings

3. The end of one chapter is a fresh, new beginning to the next. You have the right to create the next chapter as you see fit.

4. God always sends a helper. Dont shut people out.



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Pack Light

“One day all them bags gonna get in your way so…pack light…Girl I know sometimes it’s hard and we can’t let go.”  -Badu

Possessing the ability to pack light means you readily forgive but never forget. You archive the experience or interaction for reference material at a later time.

The energy held within those two words (pack light) has the ability to mend families, strengthen communities and empower individuals. In the same light, that same energy can be detrimental to those same conduits.

We have to intentionally consider the needs of the next soul. When we do this, the state of our unions, be it physical, mental or emotional, both individually and collectively will include more tolerance, more collaboration and more wins.



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 What’s On Your Mind

Imagine lying comfortably on your bed gazing up at the ceiling. Picture little thought bubbles floating in the air above you and each bubble is filled with a short phrase or descriptive word. One bubble says loyal, the next says smart and the next one says dependable. The next bubble you see says lazy, followed by hopeless and disgusting. It’s amazing how the messages in the bubbles changed but your position didn’t. You’re still the same loyal, smart and  reliable person who’s relaxing on the bed. The only thing that changed was your mind. You allowed your thoughts to go off course and disrupt your peace.

You have the power to choose your thoughts. You can decide which thought bubbles fit your life. 

Our thoughts are the means in which we communicate to ourself. Its our self-talk.

What are you saying to yourself?

Do your thoughts empower you or do they make you feel weak? Does your self-talk make you feel strong or does it make you feel incapable?

Positive self affirmations are an excellent tool to help you manage the way that you speak to yourself. Practice reciting the following three affirmations to help you get started.

1. I am wonderfully created.

2. I am here to fulfill a unique purpose.

3. I purposely demonstrate love to others.

Now ceate your own affirmations and watch how amazing you feel after reciting them.



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“They deserve my specificity” -Kofi

Gratification is one of the most peace fulfilling prophecies alive today. 

When we give thanks for the people in our lives, it automatically generates peace, love and wellness in our areas of influence.

Oh but something extra special happens when a man who holds the key to a woman’s heart specifically acknowledges all the wonderful and unique attributes about her. She could be wife, sister or close friend. She immediately feels at ease, protected, vindicated and valued.            She is at peace.



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The Importance of Sincerity

When’s the last time you had a tough conversation? One of those gut wrenching discussions where you had to be the bearer of bad news. A conversation where you knew that you were about to deliver news that could rock someone’s foundation and be detrimental to their wellbeing.

I’ll never forget the day I told my ex that I wanted a divorce. It was tough to figure out how to say those words because I had never been an advocate for divorce before.

What I realized when delivering the news to him was that I needed to be direct in my approach, clear with my words and my energy needed to be sincere. It was important to me to reaffirm the work that we had put into trying to save our marriage but I was also sure to acknowledge the reality that things just weren’t working out.

Are you may facing a tough conversation? Are you unsure about what your approach should be?

My advice to you is to speak from your heart, say what’s on your mind and sprinkle in a little sincerity and grace.

Delivery is key.



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A Prayer for Restoration

Dear Lord,

   Thank you for restoring those things that were once lost. I appreciate your willingness to restore them better than they previously were. Its been said that time heals all wounds but I’m a firm believer that you make things right in your time and then you redeem the time that was lost. You are amazing. Always watching over us and guiding us through life. I pray to trust you more. I pray for a better understanding of your love for us. I thank you for blessing us according to your love and I am thankful that in you all is well. 

In Jesus Name, 


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Enough Already 2016!

For some 2016 has been a very rewarding year while others, including myself have experienced a whooping number of challenges and lessons. Social media outlets have been bombarded with hashtags such as #sitdown2016, #is2016overyet and #bye2016, all in the spirit of moving on and moving forward from an exhausting year of unexpected tragedy.

Right now the media is heavily focused on the deaths of many of our favorite entertainers. These back to back tragedies have left a cloud of gloom hovering over much of our nation.

The senseless murders of unarmed black people at the hands of police officers has the black community on edge and searching for God’s hand of justice in at least one of these  cases.

And countless numbers of individuals are unemployed, homeless and in need of healthcare.

oh and let’s not forget the resurrection of racism in mainstream America

It’s a lot to deal with…but that’s what we do best.

We deal with the unexpected. Isn’t that what life’s about? Since no one ever really knows when tragedy or misfortune is going to strike, it’s kind of a hit or miss situation right? If many of us had the opportunity to stay home or face uncertainty a lot of people would just stay home. After all, we’re doing the best that we can with the resources and opportunities that we have.

So 2017 is right around the corner and I’m certain that it will hold its fair share of unexpected events. Start preparing now by understanding exactly where you are mentally and emotionally with all that has happened in this year and use those feelings and experiences to make a difference in the year to come.

Here are 4 quick and easy things that you can do to reset, refocus and get ready for the New Year:

  1. Summarize your 2016 in one word. My word for 2016 is endurance. No matter what event interrupted my peace or tried to steal my joy, I endured.
  2. Decide what kind of year you’ll have in 2017. 2017 is my year of Strength. No more enduring what’s handed my way but having the strength to create new opportunities that reflect my vision for my life.
  3. Write specific goals to accomplish in 2017. Now’s the time. No more procrastination.
  4. Write positive affirmations for each of the following areas of your life. Spiritual, Relational, Financial and Occupational. Post them in a visible location so that you can repeat them daily

After you complete this simple exercise, stop thinking, go out and have some fun!

Life is meant to be lived so get used to it!faithful-chic-picture



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When The Silence Becomes Too Loud


In life we experience moments of silence that always seem to last too long. Those times when we’re waiting on God to move in our life and we’re somewhere between Provision and Promise. The silence of uncertainty can get kind of loud!

Are you familiar with LOUD SILENCE?

If you’re familiar with worry, fear, distress or frustration, you know exactly what I’m referring to.

LOUD SILENCE is the extreme opposite of PEACE.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of Loud Silence before they invade your space and wreck your Peace.

Today I’m giving you three simple action steps to take for reestablishing disrupted peace.
1. Check your perspective: are you viewing the situation from a limited point of view? Even if things aren’t working out how you planned, are you mature enough to understand that your situation will work out exactly how it should.
2. Speak life: always know that your reality is shaped by the words that you speak. You have the power to create love, demolish strongholds and change your mindset simply by speaking words of encouragement and positivity.
3. Lean on Friends: allow those who love you to encourage you. Spend time with family and friends, laugh and laugh some more and wake up each day looking forward to creating new memories.

Find Peace and Be Well,

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Choose Peace over Fear

Creating more Peace in our lives begins with changing our thought process and mindset. The way that we think about a thing ultimately shapes your beliefs about the experience and the outcome.

I realize that we live in an world of uncertainty but how much more could we enjoy the life that we’ve been given by simply changing how we think.

Lets talk about fear-based thinking and how it causes us to live a defeated life.

Fear based thinking is defined as having a mindset that focuses on limiting beliefs. What ever opportunities arise, a fear-based thinker will find a reason not to show up for the challenge. Many people miss out on travel opportunities and career advancement because of a fear of uncertainty. Constantly dwelling on why an action shouldn’t be completed instead of focusing on the numerous benefits that a good opportunity can bring is absolutely numbing.

It’s a known fact that you will accomplish every limit that you set for yourself. If you constantly focus on not being able to afford certain things, then you will never afford it. If you focus on never being able to take a vacation, you will never go.  If you truly want to be happy and find Peace within, drop the fear, take action and live your best life!

I’ve laid out three easy to implement tips that will help you eliminate fear-based thinking.

  1. Set goals and take intentional action to accomplish them.
  2. Practice the art of NOW and stop procrastinating.
  3. Establish your choices in truth and stand firm in your decisions.

By taking these steps you’re building your self-esteem, becoming more confident, wiping out fear and establishing Peace!

Find Peace and Be Well.

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Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope empowers women out of poverty around the world while creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the modern American woman by selling ethically produced fashion accessories and home décor.

So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Trades of Hope was started to give women the opportunity for a better life. Each woman has a story, and with Trades of Hope’s help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!

We work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have aids and leprosy. These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. They love their families and hope and dream of a better life for them.

If you’re local to the Charlotte Metro area, JOIN me for a Trades of Hope Party. You will have the opportunity to order one of a kind items for Mother’s Day, grab unique graduation gifts and learn more about how this wonderful ministry is helping to pull women out of poverty. EMAIL me today at to secure your spot!

Find Peace and Be Well.