Meet Melissa

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! I am Melissa Rivers, the Creative Peace Coach!

I am a Conflict Resolution Success Coach. Using a combination of creativity and process, I teach resolution strategies strategies that promote:

mental clarity, self-preservation, rejuvenation and service to others.

After managing a series of personal and professional setbacks, I developed my signature Peace by Design Academy, which is a monthly coaching program packed with tools and resources that help resolve conflict and prioritize peace.

My core focus areas are: Spiritual Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness & Physical Wellness.

Initiating Change in 2019
Reinforcing Change in 2022

I am a corporate Operational Excellence Professional with more than 20 years of experience. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business, a Master of Arts Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, a Paralegal Certificate, and certifications in Change Management, Lean Facilitation and Lean Six Sigma.

I would love to help you design your way to Peace!

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