Meet Melissa

Hi there!

I am Melissa Rivers, and I am a Peace Coach. I help my clients reduce overwhelm and frustration in their personal and professional lives by helping to nourish self-efficacy and personal empowerment.

Through speaking and writing, I enable my clients to make space for things that matter to them. By identifying their capability to resolve conflict, together we create actionable plans that add more peaceful experiences into their lives.

I hold a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies which means I have the knowledge and ability to help clients identify and understand the challenges that are presenting conflict within their lives.

·        I am a PROSCI Certified Change Manager possessing the training, skillset, and resources to help activate the people side of change within organizations 

·        I am a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Professional, qualified to help identify inefficiencies and create a solid plan of improvement

·        I am a Certified Lean Facilitator possessing the ability to facilitate trainings that address specific improvement needs

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Initiating Change in 2019
Sustaining Change in 2023 and beyond!


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