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Peace by Design Monthly Academy

$52.00 / month for 12 months and a $52.00 sign-up fee

This 12-month course is designed to help you transform your life of conflict to a life filled with Clarity, Ease, Adventure and Energy. With my guidance you will curate a life you love. We use the 8 Wellness Dimensions as our starting point and chart your course to self-improvement by activating your Origins of Peace!



Purpose: A collaborative membership academy for individuals who are ready to take action and map out a plan of action to increase peace for themselves. I help you acquire the skills and resources to implement change, reinforce and sustain it.

Do you suffer from the traumas associated with grief, divorce, illness or low self-esteem? This course will empower you to take action toward a more confident future.

Acquire the training to become more confident, create a mindset for personal and professional growth, and develop consistent habits to validate your capability of sustaining the change.

Are you ready to be the change you seek!

This course includes a virtual academy for completing weekly assignments, bi-weekly one on one sessions, Video Tutorials, Worksheets, monthly group coaching sessions. 

Total cost of this course is $614 or $52 monthly.


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