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Be A Living Demonstration

Starting the New Year with renewed perspective. “It’s not always about what you do. Oftentimes it’s about how you do it.” Here’s to a year of saying yes to yourself and no to what you simply don’t want to do.🎉

” We carry the message in many small, subtle, but powerful ways. We do our own-recovery work and become a living demonstration of hope, self-love, comfort and health. These quiet behaviors can be a powerful message.” – The Language of Letting Go (Melody Beattie)

The best way to make an impact on others is to be a living demonstration of the message you want to communicate.

Many talk about self-love in public but fail to demonstrate it in their private lives.

A thorough self-love routine can include pampering and relaxation but more importantly it should involve setting boundaries, making time for self and doing things that promote positive mental and physical health.

Setting boundaries is how we demonstration our love of self to others. If we’re constantly saying yes, over-extending ourselves and repeatedly putting the needs of others ahead of our own, we’ve failed to establish necessary boundaries in our lives. The problem with always being available and always saying yes is that you eliminate time to be still and self-evaluate. If you’re constantly chasing everyone else’s needs you could miss those internal signals that alert you when things are going wrong internally.

The best way to set personal boundaries is to ask yourself a few questions?

  1. How can I peacefully co-exist with myself?
  2. How can I balance my desire to help others with my obligation to care for myself?
  3. How can I make the most impact in the shortest amount of time?

Answering these questions will help you create an action plan to lead a more balanced life.

Prayer: Today I am thankful for a balanced life. I am thankful for opportunities to serve others and myself. I acknowledge quiet moments of reflection and I value the self-love and empowerment contained in those moments. Thank you for opportunities to release co-dependency and to embrace self-love. By doing this I will be of greater service to myself and others.

Much Love,


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Mindful Intentions Create Positive Exchanges in the Workplace

Workplace interactions can be stressful and sometimes awkward. Oftentimes peers are pitted against one another for promotions and competing for the boss’ attention. Even Managers and Supervisors walk the fine line of buddy or authoritarian when it comes to managing their team.

I strongly believe there’s a way to manage engagements in the workplace in a positive and productive way. It’s possible to do but it requires attention and intention.

Today I am going to bless you with 3 simple tips to incorporate into your daily work engagements.

1. Relax -Don’t make the mistake of being too uptight or stuffy when dealing with coworkers. It’s okay to laugh and to enjoy the company potluck lunch. Try to find ways to compliment your peers on their work and look for opportunities to lend a hand when time permits.

2. Don’t make assumptions -Allow each engagement to be a fresh engagement. Although you may have cause to tread cautiously around certain team members, don’t make the assumption that each encounter will be negative. Create new experiences by staying present in the moment and intentionally work through mutual goals and objectives.

3. Don’t play the victim -You’re not being singled out or targeted. Your work is appreciated and you add value and a wealth of knowledge to your organization. Believe those affirmations and accept them as truth.

I have two more tips that I would like to share with you but I need you to do me a favor first.

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The two remaining bonus tips will be released on Saturday, April 15th. I’ll create an awesome downloadable guide that will include all 5 tips.

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