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Your I Am Will Track You Down

So I recently read a devotional from Pastor Joel Osteen that says, “whatever follows your I Am will track you down!”

This statement made me strongly consider the types of adjectives that I’ve been using to describe myself and more importantly which of those descriptions were trying to track me down!

I thought of the numerous times when I’ve declared “I’m tired, “I can’t,” “I’m not capable,” “I can’t handle it,” etc…

My list could go on for days…

And then I thought about my Heavenly Father who is known as the Great I Am, and his I Am is followed by words such as: “great,” “mighty,” “all-powerful,” “everlasting,” and most importantly….”love!”

So I had to ask myself, “do you want tiredness tracking you down or would you like motivation to catch up with you? Do you want to spend your life being incapable or would you like to walk in full confidence knowing that you are well able?

I’ve decided to change the words that I complete my “I Am” sentence with.

Today, I am highly favored, I am a royal priesthood and a chosen people! I am wonderfully and uniquely made and as it says in Luke 1:45 “I am blessed because I believe that what the Lord has said to me will be accomplished!

Now it’s your turn, what words will you use to complete your “I AM” sentence?


1 thought on “Your I Am Will Track You Down

  1. I’m so happy and inspired to see you writing again. What God has for you it is for YOU!!!!. Much Love, your sister in Christ…..Pam Howze

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