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Generate Solutions

Positioned For Peace

5. Generate Solutions

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At this point in the Peacemaking process, it’s time to generate solutions. A quick recap shows that you’re informed of the issues, you’ve gained the trust of supporters, you’ve built your tribe and gathered supporting evidence. Now is the perfect time to brainstorm solutions.

2 Ways to Generate Solutions:

  1. Facilitate meetings allowing those affected to express their perspectives and expected outcomes.
  2. Based on results from the meeting, designate tribe members to work within the affected groups to streamline expected outcomes and define how those goals can be achieved.

The Benefits of Generating Solutions:

Generating solutions reaffirms your commitment to make Peace, allowing for community involvement and participation. This is your opportunity to work with the people by understanding and acting on the needs of those involved. You will not be able to implement every solution but you’re making process toward a final action plan.

“Followers may doubt what their leaders say, but they usually believe what they do.”


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